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How do we treat a person suffering from Bipolar disorder?

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People who live with bipolar disorder experience periods of great excitement, overactivity, delusions, and euphoria (mania) and other periods of feeling sad and hopeless (depression).

As such, the use of the word bipolar reflects this fluctuation between extreme highs and extreme lows. 


How do we do it?

In a person who suffers from bipolar condition there is an imbalance of the “two sides” of the brain’s activity.


The “Right side” is responsible for the experience of euphoria and needs to be exposed to new Wisdom Insights in order to enhance the intellectual capacity of the person to contain the bursts of elevation and feeling of oneness.



The “Left side” responsible for the experience of Depression is readjusted by the Counselor by exposing the person to a new organization of reality by that allowing her to clearly understand the sense of priorities and how to organize one’s time.

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