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Are You One Among the 1 Billion People Today (2024)  Suffering from Spiritual Distress (known as mental disorder)?


Did you know that there are 1Billion People today in 2024 suffering from a mental disorder?

  • Anxiety (286 Million),

  • Depression (264 Million),

  • Bipolarity ( 46 Million)

  • Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue, among others just to mention a few…

We are 7,8 Billion people on earth so that’s about 1 out 7 people suffering from lack of psychological well-being and emotional stability.

Perhaps you are one of them?!

Did you know that there are currently 6 Psychotherapeutic approaches, amongst them…

1.         CBT - Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

2.         DBT - Dialectical Behavioral Therapy

3.         IPT – Inter-Personal Psychotherapy

4.         Psychoanalytical and Psychodynamic Therapy

5.         Humanistic Therapy

6.         Eclectic Therapy


  • In which all will address one particular aspect of your life: wither your intellect, your emotions, your behavior or your inter-personal relationships.

  • All are very useful in a specific way. But all forget to address that which really is the real root of suffering – The Soul’s lack of self-fulfillment.

  • I am Rabbi Moshe Perets and after having trained as a Medical doctor at the University of Louvain in Brussels, conducted scientific research on Ageing and Regeneration and the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, I have practiced Deep Soul Therapy with very positive results for the past several years in the context of clinical practice of Psycho-Neuro-Immunology.

  •  I have developed a unique approach to Psychotherapy combining Classical Medical approach and the 3000 year old experience of Torah in connecting a Soul back to it’s Source in Divinity.



What is Deep Soul Therapy you may be asking


  • Deep Soul Therapy is a like CBT but way more sophisticated.

  • As we address the Root of your soul and resolve the problem of anxiety, depression, bipolarity, or others as well as immune-related conditions by uncoding the hidden messages of your soul and implementing new choices in practical day to day life.


How can you do this?


  • through a 1h Session per week,

  • for a cycle of 7 weeks,

  • by personal video-conference,

  • with visual presentations,

  • practical exercises,

  • and of course our personal relationship.

You can contact me now to set a free Session to evaluate your personal situation.


Looking forward to meet you in person.




Rabbi Moshe Perets

Deep Soul Therapist

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